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JS Prom 2024: Truly a Night to Remember
@Ardenhills Suites
April 19, 2024

They (NCBA Basic Education Students) have indeed created a beautiful memory under the glittering lights, as they take a moment to appreciate the journey that has brought them together on a momentous occasion the “JS Prom 2024”. The event centers not only on the glitz and glamour, the dazzling dresses, or the sharp suits. It centers on each and every participants of the event who have come together to celebrate a milestone in their academic journey in unity, friendship, and vibrant spirit that defines our school community.

The night of the JS Prom becomes a snapshot in time, a memory to be cherished for years to come. As they carry along with them the values instilled by the school – Commitment, Integrity, Service to all and Accountability which they can use as a compass when they embark on a new exciting adventure on the days to come.

As the event concludes one thing was made certain:

They have dance the night away and create memories that will last a lifetime, each step they have taken on the dance floor symbolizes the steps taken to lead them closer to their dreams, a reminder that with hard work and passion, anything is possible. The night has become a celebration of their potential, their resilience, and their endless possibilities.
That is why “when they dance- they dance like nobody is watching, when they dream- they dream like they’ll live forever, and when they shine- they do not just shine but also radiate like the noon day sun”.