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NCBA Joins Metro-wide Shake Drill

To provide both students and employees an opportunity to practice disaster and emergency response procedures, the National College of Business and Arts (NCBA) conducted an in-campus disaster and emergency drill, July 30 in support of the Metro-wide Shake Drill 2015 of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA).

Briefings and lectures on earthquakes and disaster preparedness were conducted prior to the said drill. The NCBA School Disaster Risk Reduction Management Committee (NCBA-SDRRMC) was also reactivated in each campus to serve as coordinating body for the event and during actual occurrences of any disaster and emergency.

The said in-campus drill simulated what would happen before, during and after a possible 7.2 magnitude quake expected to be triggered by the movement of the West Valley Fault.

Meanwhile, though several things must still be improved as revealed by the NCR-wide drill conducted, the MMDA still believes that the metro-wide earthquake simulation last July 30 increased Metro Manila’s chances of better recovery and implementation of contingencies in the event of an earthquake. MMDA stressed that it did not end with the drill and that information dissemination must continue to mitigate the possible effects of the impending earthquake.