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Basic Education Admission and Registration

A. Admission Requirements

Applicants for admissions are required to submit all the necessary documents enumerated below and to pass the screening process that includes the written admission examinations and interview by the Principal.

All new students are considered on probation for one year where his academic performance and conduct will be evaluated. Thereafter, if he passes the probation, he shall be considered a regular student.

1. The applicant must submit the following documents:

    • Original and photocopy of NSO birth certificates
    • Two (2) 1x1 ID photos
    • Original and photocopy of report card (Form 138) of the last school attended
    • Certificate of good moral character from the school last attended

For Senior High School

  • Form 138 - Grade 10 report card (for graduates of K-12 curriculum)
  •                    - 4th year report card (for graduates under the old curriculum)
  • Certificate of good moral character
  • NSO birth certificate (original & photocopy)
  • 2x2 ID picture - 2 pcs.
  • Mailing envelope with stamps - 2 pcs.
  • Endorsement letter from DEPED for graduates under the old curriculum

2. Procedure:

    • Submit all of the abovementioned documents to the Registrar's Office.
    • Pay the entrance examination fee at the Finance Office.
    • Present the examination permit to the Guidance Office for testing and schedule of interview.
    • Call up or visit the Guidance Office for the test results.
    • Secure enrolment permit from the Principal's Office.
    • Follow the enrollment procedure as listed below.

B. Enrollment Procedure
  1. Old students must present duly-accomplished clearance form while new students must present the enrollment permit to     the Registrar's Office for issuance of the registration form.
  2. Accomplish the registration form for approval by the Admission Officer.
  3. Present the registration form to the Finance Office for assessment and payment.
  4. Present the registration form and the official receipt to the Principal's Office for your section and room assignment.
  5. Proceed to the assigned rooms to purchase books and uniforms
  1. The students are required to enroll their back subjects at NCBA during summer.
  2. Enrollment of the back subjects in another school may be allowed provided a cross-enrollment permit is secured from the Registrar and the following requirements are met: 
    • the subject is not offered at NCBA
    • enrollment must be in a school located out of town
    • enrollment must be in a private school of the same classification/level as NCBA
    • In the absence of the permit, NCBA will not honor the credits earned from other schools. 
Issuance of Credentials
  • Application for certificate of enrollment is filed with the office of the Principal. Allow two(2) days from date of filing for release of the document.
  • Application for certificate of good moral character is filed with the office of the Principal or Guidance Counselor. Allow two(2) days from date of filing for release of the document.
  • Application for transfer credentials is filed with the Registrar's Office. Allow at least a week for processing and release.