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Bachelor of Science in Information System (BSIS)

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS)

Thrust: Expertise in Information Network

The BSIS/BSCS degree programs aim to produce Information Technology (IT) professionals with specialized skills catering to the needs of the I.T. industry. These programs primarily cover a wide range of learning that includes Computer Programming using different kinds of computer programming languages from 2nd Generation to 3rd Generation's Object Oriented Programming; Systems Analysis and Design, Object Oriented Analysis tool for the improvement of business Information System; Sofware Engineering and systems integration into a multi-platform environment.

The program aims to develop its students with the appropriate industry standards closed and open source systems and enough skills in application-oriented environment, Integrated Development Environment Web Application programming with integration of Content Management Systems(CMS) via open source implementation, large scale database development, networking application and administration in a multi and crossed platform environment, and network planning and managements.

While the course of practice is done independently, there are numerous opportunities to develop teamwork skills with group based projects throughtout the course. The students will apply their knowledge in academic theory and system development by completing an industry-based project in order to expose and train them to work in a professional environment.