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Center for Graduate Studies in Business and Management


In the business world there are increasing opportunities and competitiveness. At stake are key managerial positions and entrepreneurial possibilities. To those who are competent and qualified there are unlimited potentials. The National College of Business and Arts, aware of these opportunities offers an MBA Program with the following underlying objectives.

  • To develop in the students ( whether they are already gainfully employed in business establishments or engaged in their own private business) entrepreneurial and managerial ability to successfully confront the complex problems of the business world.

  • To develop in the students a scientific method of thinking directed towards action, reduce margin or error in the formulation and implementation of decisions.

  • To develop in the students a real sense of relationship between the economic, spiritual, political, social and technological environment, vis a vis the dynamic life of the business firm.

  • To afford professionals an opportunity to pursue a comprehensive program in business management which includes not only theories, concepts, and techniques in business but also the application based on Philippine conditions.