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List of inquiries that are mostly asked.

Are we required to submit an original TOR? Photocopy okay?

When enrolling in the graduate and/or collegiate program the following credentials are required:
1. Original transcript of record
2. Transfer credential from the last school attended
3. PSA birth certificate (original and photocopy)
4. Marriage certificate, for female applicants whose maiden name is indicated in the transcript of record.

What Basic Education Programs do you offer?
We offer both ABM and GA Strands in the Senior High School Program and we do accept vouchers.
Which Basic Education Levels have entrance exams and what’s the process?

Except for Senior High School (SHS) applicants, ALL those who wish to enroll at ANY grade level, either as a new student or as a transferee, will be required to take the entrance exam at the Guidance Office.  Applicants must call the Guidance Office to inquire about the exam schedule and document requirements.

Is there an interview for Basic Education, High School, College and Graduate School?
Except for the Graduate Studies program, ALL applicants from Elementary to College shall undergo an interview with the Principal (for Basic Education) and/or the Student Affairs Director (for College).  An enrollment clerance will be processed by the Principal and/or Director of Student Affairs after passing the interview process.
What are the procedures and prices to obtain a vehicle sticker permit?
Service Vehicles: P2,500
Private Vehicle: P250
Motorcycle or Tricycle: P150

Requirements (Photocopies of the following):
2×2 ID
Official Receipt
Certificate of Registration
Driver’s License

1. Obtain an Application for Issuance of Sticker at the Security Desk
2. Fill out the required information on the form.
3. Proceed to the Finance Office for payment.
4. Proceed to the Purchasing Manager to submit the form, requirements and receipt to obtain a sticker.

Can I get a scholarship if I play sports?
NCBA offers full scholarship to bonafide students who qualify as a Varsity player in the school’s basketball and volleyball teams.  A try-out period is conducted every summer for those who wish to qualify as varsity player.

Upon recommendation by the Coach, the applicant must present his/her credentials to the Scholarship Coordinator for enrollment.