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List of inquiries that are mostly asked.

Admission & Enrollment

Is there an entrance exam? How much is the exam fee?

There is NO Entrance Exam for new students and transferees in all levels.

How much is the tuition fee?

Range of Tuition & other school fees is as follows:

Kinder – Grade 6: P20,400
Junior High School: P21,700+
Senior High School: P22,650+
College (18-24 units): P16,500 – P20,700+
Masteral (3-9 units): P2,700 – P8,100+

Is there an adjustment on the fees considering that students will not be reporting physically on campus?

 YES. Several fees were waived for SY 2021-2022. Said fees may be restored once face to face interactions commence.

What are internet and computer fees for under the New Normal Education?

The internet fee is for the subscription, upgrade and regular maintenance of internet services of the College.

The computer fee is for the setup of an eLearning platform designed for online instruction. This also includes the acquisition, upgrade and maintenance of computer hardware, software licenses and other IT-related services relevant to the delivery of online learning.

Can we make a payment online?

YES. You may pay your assessment directly to the assigned bank per campus.

See payment options as posted.

Do you accept vouchers for Senior High School?

YES.  The voucher is deducted from the total amount of the tuition and other school fees.

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Is there any subsidy available for Junior High School?

We have subsidy to those who will qualify as ESC grantee under the FAPE program.

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Is there an on-line enrollment application available? What are the requirements and procedures for enrolling online?

Yes, you may enroll online by accessing our On-line Application thru this link:  The Admission requirements and Registration procedures can also be found in the same link.


College Old Students Online Registration

Where to ask for assistance when you forget your login credentials to access the AIMS student portal?

Send your request to INQUIRIES and click the desired Department. Provide us with the following details:

 A picture of yourself holding your own student ID
 Your birthdate

Where and how to request for assistance when an issue arises while using the AIMS student portal?

Send your query to INQUIRIES and click the desired Department. Provide us with details of the problem you encountered and/or screenshot of your student portal showing the error message, if any.

Flexible Learning

How will the classes be conducted?

Classes in all levels will be conducted ONLINE. 

For the Basic Education Department, a Learning Management System (LMS) will be used as its teaching modality.

For College & Graduate Studies, students will be utilizing the Google Classroom, Microsoft Office 365 and Teams to connect with their faculty for their virtual lectures, assignments, research work and examinations.

Do you have blended classes with limited face-to-face sessions?

 NO. There will be no face-to-face classes unless allowed by the national government.

Do I need to have a laptop or other device to attend the online class?

YES. Classes will be conducted via internet which can only be accessed through the use of a computer, laptop or smartphone.

Will there be PE, NSTP and laboratory courses offered? How will the course be conducted?

YES. Online classes will include lectures with practical exercises and activities done at home.

Will there be Work Immersion / Practicum / OJT offered online?

Yes, only with companies that have a Work-from-Home (WFH) scheme program designed for student internship.

The Placement Office through its Academic Heads shall provide a list of accredited companies that have a WFH program available.

For those students who intend to enroll in the said course, pls. send an email to your respective Department Chair so they can assist you with your application.

Do you have classes for working students?

We do not have a separate class for working students.  However, we have some classes offered in the evening mostly for higher year levels.

Opening of Classes and Online Learning 

When is the opening of classes for School Year 2021-2022?

Kinder – SHS    :    August 23, 2021
College                :    August 09, 2021

Masteral             :    August 28, 2021

When and how to access the online Learning Management System (LMS)?

Once you are enrolled, you will be given an official email account.  Invitation and instruction to join the learning management system will be sent to your ncba email address. 

Always check your email regarding NCBA updates and  announcements.

The use of your email account is governed by the school’s Email Acceptable Use Policy