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February 1, 2020

When Taal Volcano erupted last January 12, 2020, many adhered to their call for help and assistance. Our Institution was one of those who lent a hand at their time of struggle and grave danger. Under the initiative of the President of the Teachers Union of National College of Business and Arts, Professor Bernard R. Macinas with the support of the Student Affairs Directors for each branch (Fairview, Taytay and Cubao) and the Community Outreach Program Coordinator, NCBA launched one of its biggest relief goods operation to date.

Last January 16, 2020, a set of guidelines was released to several key personnel of each campus on what to collect from our students, and how to properly repack it. The Basic Education departments of NCBA were tasked to accumulate toiletries, diapers, coffee, snacks, noodles, and bottled water, while the College departments gathered bags of rice and canned goods. Other donors like the NCBA management and offices also gave donations in kind.

A two-week period was given to gather all the necessary goods and NCBA amassed to a total of 1,550 bags of which are divided into the following:
– Cubao – 650 (300 bags of assorted goods, 200 bags of toiletries, and 150 bags of old clothes)
– Fairview – 500 bags of assorted goods with toiletries and old clothes
– Taytay – 20 boxes of repacked goods (estimated to be at 400 bags)

After the timeframe given to collect and repackage the goods, NCBA, under the leadership of the Assistant Vice President for Marketing Mrs. Mariflor M. Uber, left for Talisay and Laurel, Batangas on February 1, 2020. One of our former Professors, Mrs. Madeline Cascante helped the relief goods team by coordinating with the Local Government Officials and Units.

The team first stopped at Talisay, Batangas to meet with the Deputy Commissioner for Administration of their Local Government to drop off 300 bags of assorted goods.

Next, the team then traveled to the city of Laurel, Batangas to meet with their Mayor, the Hon. Joan Amo, and the city council board. 550 bags of assorted goods and toiletries were distributed to the evacuees based inside their center. Most of the citizens that were given relief goods were the people whose homes are still on lockdown due to the dangers of a sudden eruption of Mt. Taal.

The relief goods response team was supposed to go to Agoncillo, Batangas to drop off more relief goods, but certain geographical anomalies located on the main road to Agoncillo made it impossible for the vehicle to reach the city. The remaining goods were then equally distributed to Talisay and Laurel, Batangas.

Given the satisfaction of the team composing of students, teachers, and non-teaching personnel, NCBA is more than ready to help more: with increased effectivity, and efficiency.

After everything has been said and done with the Local Government Officials and units, NCBA accomplished one of its most momentous activities, which is its Corporate Social Responsibility.



The Philippine Culinary Cup 2019 is the most awaited culinary event of the World Food Exposition and celebrates its 10 years of culinary excellence.  Last August 7-10, different participants from different parts of the world highlight their innovative dishes with premium ingredients and intensive executions of professionals including non-professional contingents and battled the coveted title of Best Chef of 2019, over all champion for professional and non-Professional division and highest gold for each categories

The Hospitality Management Department of NCBA-Fairview joined for the second time to get the highest gold for The Filipino Cuisine Challenge and Young Chefs Team Challenge categories. Young Chefs Team Challenge was composed of Dino B. Balidoy and Jenald M. Pascual and competed with the different hotels, restaurants, and culinary institutions inside and outside of the country, with their entries: appetizer Local Seabass, Apple and Ginger Foam and Clam stocks and their main entrée Sous Vide Chicken Leg in Squash Puree, Red Wine Reduction and Adai.

While Filipino Cuisine Team Challenge is composed of three members, Mr. Chester E. Mogol, Erose Josiah Crystal and Dino B. Balidoy competed on the third day. With their determination, commitment and fighting spirit and with the endless support from the entire HM students of Fairview Campus. Hospitality Management of NCBA Fairview Campus bagged its first ever SILVER MEDALS in the history of NCBA for Professional and Non-Professional Culinary Competition.

The following are the Silver Medalist Entries

Appetizer: Zambongang Satti

Starch: “InadLai” Inasal na Adlai

Vegetable Dish: Sizzling Ginisang Munggo

Main Protein Dish: Pares

NCBA Hospitality Management Department Fairview Campus Ranked as “TOP 6” next to Okada Manila, Dusit Thani, F1 Hotel, University of Baguio, City Garden Hotel, Shangri-la Hotels and Resorts, Rits Café and Catering and City of Dreams and defeated some of the biggest names in the hospitality industry such as

Hilton Manila, Sheraton Manila Hotel, Bellevue Manila Hotel, LPU Culinary Institute, Hyatt Regency Manila City of Dreams, University of Batangas, St. Lukes Medical Center, Diamond Hotel, PACE, and Conrad Hotel.

Despite of different challenges, NCBA HM Department proves that they can conquer and passed the standards and expectation of local and international renowned judge Chefs across the world.

Striving for success and conquer their pessimistic thoughts give way to their victory. NCBA HM Department proves again that they can conquer and passed the standards and expectation of local and international renowned judge Chefs across the world.  Despite of any circumstances and failures there is still a stepping stone for a bigger door for development and more so of achievements.

Philippine Culinary Cup is sponsored and supported by the World Association of Chefs Society, Le Toque Blanches Chefs Association, and Pastry Alliance of the Philippines and Brought to by Peptarsus



A famous line stated: A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning. To return the good deeds of our mentors, last October 4, 2019, the various student organizations of National College of Business Arts of Cubao united in order to pull off a wondrous celebration in commemoration of World Teacher’s Day. The Education students prepared the Freedom Wall where all students can write their messages to the faculty, a program was given to them which was filled with numerous performances and tributes from the students. Heart felt messages surrounded the auditorium, signifying the students’ love for their professors. Even the NCBA Board of Directors gave their share by giving each faculty member cash and tokens.

The last segment of the program featured songs and dance numbers from the professors themselves. Mr. Bernard Macinas, Mrs. Zenaida Miranda, Mr. Reyneil Cabrera, Mr. Arsenio Macaspac, Mr. Jhul Rio, Mr. Norman Sabio, Mr. Jessie Aguilar and Mr. Mar Edwin Del Rosario rocked the auditorium with their performances.

The event ended at 4:30 PM with a torrent of emotions assailing the students and professors.



Last August 15, 2019, the National College of Business and Arts-Cubao conducted a fire suppression drill on the school quadrangle. The Bureau of Fire Protection adhered NCBA’s call and sent a team of firefighters to demonstrate what to do during a fire, and how to extinguish a fire. The Basic Education, and College Departments were present during the drill. A few employees accompanied by the Vice President for Finance and the Assistant Vice President for Human Resources, Mr. Edwin P. Torres, and Mrs. Ester P. David, respectively, graced the event by being present.

NCBA Cubao – Student Leadership Seminar

NCBA Cubao – Student Leadership Seminar

Leadership Seminar

On July 19, 2019, the Office of Student Affairs, under the direct supervision of its Student Affairs Officer, Mrs. Zenaida T. Miranda conducted a leadership seminar at the function hall of the HRM Building, Cubao Campus. The seminar’s objective is to enable all student organization officers to serve the school and its students more and to equip them with the skills that they need in order to achieve their goals and objectives. The seminar featured a guest speaker who graduated in NCBA Fairview back in 2014. The attendees of the seminar were old and new student organization officers.

The guest lecturer, Ms. Martha Lado discusses the characteristics of a good leader.

JFINEX and JMA posed for a group photo



The Young Hotelier Exposition (YHE) Culinary Competition, a highlight of MAFBEX that caters to promising and innovative students. This annual competition allows these students to think outside the box and unleash creativity. The Hospitality Management students from NCBA Fairview Campus competed for the category of food styling and photography and food truck wars.

For the food styling and photography category, all dishes must be photograph ready for photography, flair of whimsical, magical and wonderland as their theme for this year’s MAFBEX must adhere the entry. Team Moors (NCBA team) are composed of Christian Huidem, Angel Quilay and Darlene Carpio. Despite the tight competition against prestigious universities and colleges NCBA won the Bronze medal in the said competition, while FEU as silver and Gold for De La Salle Lipa.

While Team Pinoy Fusion (NCBA HM students) competed to showcase their entrepreneurial skills and culinary skills, as well to enhance their innovative thinking. The category is sponsored by McCormick as one of the few highlighted ingredients in the competition. Team Pinoy Fusion (NCBA) consist of Aljon De Chavez, Jenald Pascual, Angel Amparo, Ofelia Galario and Jovy Hansen.

NCBA Fairview is selected as one of the top six contenders that are critically and meticulously selected to fight for this year’s Food Truck Wars Champion. Fighting with their Perseverance, Determination, Commitment and Skills they conquered the competition and won the gold medals and were announced the Champion of the Food Truck Wars Competition against FEU, College of St Benilde, Emilio Aguinaldo College, La Consolacion Manila and Lyceum of the Philippines.