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A Tribute to our Teachers

A Tribute to our Teachers

Yearly, we celebrate Teacher’s day to give and express our highest gratitude to our beloved living heroes, our TEACHERS. By having this celebration, we give honor to our teachers who  selflessly give their  knowledge and power to educate and nurture one’s intellectuality academically and morally. Teachers are important role models of every student and how they influence students are really impressive. They are the prime motivators outside home. They serve as our second parents and they send us to a dimension where teaching and learning is the key to shape our bright future.

Teacher’s day gives our mentors a time to let them feel how they are being loved not just by the students but also the management of the school. It is for this reason that the National College of Business and Arts-Cubao celebrated this special day with a lot of surprises for the professors. The different student-organizations prepared surprise numbers. The Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Linkages, gave an inspirational message together with the Chief Academic Officer and our Executive Dean. Gifts, cash and snacks were also provided by the school. To all our faculty members, “Happy Teachers’ Day”.

by: B.N.M.

Academic Week

Academic Week

Last September 27, 2017, the National College of Business and Arts Cubao branch celebrated their annual Academic week. A 3-day event that holds various activities that each club has prepared. On the 1st day, the Sabayang Pagbigkas was held. The Grade 11 and 12 students performed their own versions of Gerome Nicolas Dela Pena’s, Filipino: Wikang Mapaglaya’t Mapagbago. Every group did an amazing job, but Grade 11 Dollar was astounding, which secured their win. After all performers had gone up the stage, the program was moved from the College Auditorium to the College Audio Visual Room. Sadly, the AVR couldn’t hold 593 students so the quiz bee was divided into 3 sessions; Grades 7 & 8, Grades 9 & 10, and Grades 11 & 12. When the Grades 7 & 8 students were having their quiz bee, the other grade levels went to different rooms that housed various activities. Some of which were the Origami Modular Exhibit by the Math Club, the Family Feud by the A.P club, the Mini bazaar by the ABM Club, and many more. I asked some of the students if they were enjoying the academic week, and they some said that it was the best. As the 1st day of the Academic week ended, all I saw were smiles from the students, and a tiring look on my face.

September 28, 2017 marked the second day of the Academic week. Nothing much happened on this day. The students were allowed to enjoy all activities of every club. Some were getting their nails done, a bunch of students were trying out experiments at the science laboratory, and a lot of students were watching Bonifacio: Ang unang Pangulo, at the College AVR, and some were buying products from the ABM Club’s Mini Bazaar. (The pictures that will be shown below were taken on this day). Again, as the 2nd day of the academic week ended, their smiles and the tiring look on my face was consistent.

September 29, 2017 was the last day of the #AcademicWeek2017, and the Grade 12 Senior High School students arrived early. They were preparing for their dance recital that was held at the college auditorium. At 7:45 the students were starting to go up and the program started at 8:15 in the morning. Before everything else, the Philippine National Anthem was sung by the selected members of the MAPEH Club, and Eira Marie C. Montemayor lead the doxology. After the doxology, the Grade 12 students danced a special number to mark the beginning of the recital. The Grade 12 students performed interpretative dances that featured life lessons we must learn in the near future. After all groups have performed, a selected student played the Carpenters’ big hit “Close to you” on the violin. It was an elegant performance and I couldn’t stop singing along. To end the recital, members of the MAPEH Club, led by the International Dance Sensation, Sean Travis Sarmiento, performed a 10 – 12-minute dance number wherein all girls couldn’t stop screaming whenever Travis busts his dance moves. To formally end the recital, and the Academic week, our beloved Principal Mrs. Veronica F. Caro gave her final remarks. The program ended at 10:30 am, classes resumed at 11:00, and they were dismissed at 1:30 pm.  I must say that this was an enjoyable experience, not only for the HSA but also for all students that took part in this year’s Academic week. As I was writing this, I couldn’t stop shedding a tear for this is my last Academic week in NCBA. Again as the last day of the Academic week ended, the smiles on the students’ faces, was enough to uplift my tired self. God bless NCBA!

COP in Collaboration with Business Administration Department sponsors  Entreptrend

COP in Collaboration with Business Administration Department sponsors Entreptrend

The Community Outreach Program headed by our Community Outreach Coordinator and Business Administration Department  sponsored  a seminar entitled “Negosyo Training  or “Entreptrend” at the National College of Business and Arts, Cubao campus. This  was held last September 14, 2017 at the Tea Room Building. The training was intended for Barangay Escopa III, the adopted barangay of NCBA-Cubao with  thirty (30) attendees.  The seminars tackled were Identifying Business Opportunities , Financing Small Businesses and Registration Processes for Businesses. The participants were given coin banks and certificates.

The speakers, organizers  and the participants from Barangay Escopa 3

The speakers, organizers and the BA students

Academic Week 2017

Academic Week 2017

Academic Week, fun and interactive learning activities were held by the Elementary faculties, Sept 25 – 26, 2017.

The games and mechanics were conceptualized by Mr. Darwin Victor, Academic and Activity Coordinator and Ms. Lea Adriano, and with the assistance of the elementary teachers. The pupils’ intellectual and creative skills were tested in various activities like Spelling Bee, Quiz Bee, Math BINGO, Artwork and Science Laboratory Experiments.

We started the Academic week with the Quiz Bee contest with an opening prayer led by Mrs. Jennifer Ilao the Quiz Master. This was participated in by the pupils from grade 1 – 3 and the pupils from the intermediate level, grade 4 – 6. The participants are the top 5 pupils in each grade level. The questions were composed of the easy, average and difficult with the corresponding weight (1, 3, 5) questions were taken from the subjects: English, Math, Science and Sibika.

The Spelling Be was similar, with three words to be spelled, Levels of difficulty were easy, average, and difficult with a corresponding weight (1, 3, 5).

Creativeness was expressed through manipulative skills by creating a paper mosaic for the primary level under the supervision of Mrs. Mickley Barbero and nature painting for the intermediate level under the supervision of Mrs. Felvie Trasporto.

Different experiments were also performed by the pupils of grades 3 to 6 such as the Bucket Tower Challenge, Paper Airplane Challenge, Paper Column Challenge and Balloon Pocket Challenge with the objectives of different scientific attitudes and learning science, behind each activity. These were supervised by Ms. Lea Adriano and Ms. Jireh Mae Galvez.

Skills in listening and understanding were also shown by storytelling and watching film entitled “The Croods” for the primary level and “Moana” for the intermediate level.

To formally close the celebration of the Academic Week, medals and trophies were awarded to those winners.

The Academic Week was a truly a busy day for the primary and elementary pupils. But it was done successfully!

Attitude Revisited 2017

Attitude Revisited 2017

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Center for Guidance and Counseling
AY 2017 – 2018

Title of the Seminar : Attitude Revisited

Objective of the Seminar : The seminar aims to help college students reevaluate themselves and refresh their minds on the right attitudes towards a successful college life despite all the hindrances like cyber addiction, drugs, alcohol and unmitigated romantic relationships.

Participants : College students

Speaker/s  : Ms. Diana Marie Pablo, Communication Officer, GuidanceNGO

Date and Time Conducted  : September 19, 2017 @ 10:00 AM

Venue of the Seminar : AVR, 3rd Floor HS Bldg.


Pagdiriwang ng Linggo ng Wika

Pagdiriwang ng Linggo ng Wika

Tema: Wikang Filipino: Wikang Mapagbago

Noong Agosto 25, 2017, Ang paaralang National College of Business and Arts ay kaugnay ng pagdiriwang ng Buwan ng Wika aming nagdiriwang ng ika-400 na taong pamana ng yaman ng wika sa bansa ginanap sa kolehiyong bulwagan. Ang nasabing pagdiriwang punong-puno ng kasiyahan para itong pista sa bayan na punong-puno ng palamuti at pagtatanghal. Ito ay pinamunuan nina Bb. Helen L. Claveria, Gng. Ma. Ana P. Infante, Bb. Bea R. Sayasa, at G. Marvin Louise T. Baldestamon, sa patnubay ng puno sa asignatura ng Ingles at Filipino, na si G. Jovey C. Deleon. Ang mga dumalo sa nasabing palatuntunan ay ang mga studyante mula baitang 7 hanggang 12, bilang panauhing pandangal na sina Gng. Veronica F. Caro punong guro at Gng. Mariflor M. Uber, Pangalawang Pangulo para sa Marketing at Placement at tagapagtala ng National College of Business and Arts ng Taytay. Sa ganap na 1:15 ng hapon ang palatuntunan ay nagsimula na pinaunahang ng guro ng palatuntunan na sina G. Charles Louie Dela Cruz, at Bb. Aliana Colleen S. Chua, ang nasabing palatuntunan ng hapon na iyon. Sinimulan ang palatuntunan sa pamamagitang sa pagpapakilala sa pangkat ng mag-aaral na naghandog ng isang awit na panalangin na pinangunahang ng mga mag-aaral ng baitang 12 Socrates sa saliw ng awit na Natutulog ba ang Diyos ni G. Gary Valenciano ito ay kanilang binigyan ng isang interpretasyong sayaw ang awiting ito at sinundan ng pag-awit ng Pambansang Awit ng Pilipinas sa pamumuno ng gurong tagapayo ng baitang 7 Acacia na si Bb. Erica Pacita Mallillin. Sinundan ng pagpapakilala sa mga inampalan ng patimpalak sa pag-awit, ni Bb. Helen L. Claveria. Ang unang hukom ay si G. Jacinto Villanueva, librarian sa kolehiyo. Sumunod ay si Gng. Esperanza Halabaso, ang Assistant Registrar. At si Bb. Grace Rubi, isang gabay opisyal. Sa sumakalawa pinangunahan ni Bb. Ma. Ana P. Infante ang anunsyo sa pamantayan sa paghusga sa mga kalahok. Nagsimula ang paligsahan sa pag-awit . Si Denn Chosen Juan Merilo galing sa baitang 7-Molave ang unang umawit sa kantang “Ikaw” ni Yeng Constantino. Sumunod ay si Charlot Lipata galling sa baitang 9-Rizal, na umawit sa kantang “Inang Bayan” ni Ciara Sotto. Sumunod ay si Nicole Faith Oliveron mula sa baitang 10-Ruby ay kumanta ng awit na “Torete” ng Moonstar88. Matapos ang unang tatlong pagganap, piling mga mag-aaral galing sa baitang 7-9 ay gumanap sa mga katutubong sayaw. Ang unang mga kalahok ay ang mga piling mag-aaral sa baitang 7 na nagsayaw ng Masskara Dance. Sumunod ay ang mga piling mag-aaral ng baitang 8 na nagsayaw ng Bulaklakan. Sumunod naman ang mga piling mag-aaral sa baitang 9 na isinayaw ang Lajota. Pagkatapos ng intermission galing sa tatlong pangkat ng mga piling mag-aaral, ipinagpatuloy ang patimpalak sa pag-awit. Ang sumunod na kalahok ay si Armie Jessie Nokom galing sa baitang 11-Dollar na kumanta ng “Malaya” ni Moira Dela Torre. Ang sumunod na kalahok naman ay si Karlyn Kimberly Betita na umawit ng sariling bersyon ng kanta ni Freddie Aguilar “Anak”. Ang huli ay si Judellien Abratiguin galing sa baitang 12-Canda na umawit din ng “Inang Bayan” ni Cara Sotto. Matapos ang huling tatlong pagganap. Piling mag-aaral ng baitang 10-12 ay inahalintulad din ang mga Katutubong Sayaw. Ang mga taga baitang 11 ay sumayaw ng Mindanaoan Tribe Dance, sa huli ay sumayaw ang mga mag-aaral galing sa baitang 12 ng isang interpretative na uri ng sayaw na inalok sa mga biktima ng kaguluhan sa Marawi. Bago ang pag-anunsyo ng mga nanalo sa patimpalak, Si Kyrsten M. Opao galing sa baitang 9 ng Rizal ay umawit ng “Araw Gabi” ni Regine Velasquez. Si G. Jovey C. De leon ay nanguna sa pag anunsyo sa mga kalahok na nagwagi sa paligsahan.

Bago matapos ang pagdiriwang ng Buwan ng Wika. Si G. Marvin Louise T. Baldestamon, ay nagbigay ng panapos na pangungusap. Sa pagtapos ng programa ang mga mag-aaral kasama ang mga tagapayo at Guro sa Filipino ay kumuha ng litrato kasama sina Gng. Veronica F. Caro at Gng. Mariflor M. Uber. Nagtapos ang programa noong ika 3:45 pm.