NCBA Celebrates its 51st Foundation Week

NCBA Celebrates its 51st Foundation Week

By Steven Charles Gagante

Student, teachers, and staff from NCBA Cubao, as well as the parents and students from other schools celebrated NCBA’s 51st Foundation at the Cubao Campus last February 13 to 15, 2018. The theme for this year’s foundation is Disney, a theme that related to our childhood, magic, and colorful memories.  

The Foundation week started on February 13, 2018 at morning with a Thanksgiving Mass. After the mass is the Field Demonstration where students from different levels compete for the best performance based on Disney animated movies. The rendition of The Lion King by the College Students won first place.  For lunch, there were many choices of food and drinks, as well as toys and other memorabilia available during the foundation week celebration along the school lobby and quadrangle. In the afternoon, selected talented students from different levels showcased their talents at the Grand Finals of NCBA’s Got Talent and James Cachuela from the High School Department became the Grand Winner.

On February 14th the foundation celebration continued with fun activities such as Dance Revolution, Club Fun Day, Service Awards Ceremony, and the hip-hop/music/dance contest. Several College students clashed with their knowledge to be the champion of 2nd Battle of the Brains and Expontaneous speech.  In the afternoon, NCBA Cubao’s Dance Troupe Kalinangan Ensemble (KE) held a dance competition called “Dance Mania” which was participated by several dance groups from NCBA Cubao and other schools and colleges.

On February 15, BS Education (BSEd) students attended an educational seminar with the topic “Interactive Teaching and Discovery Learning: A Research Based Approach to Teaching Generation Z” with Dr. Felipa P. Briana as the guest speaker while the Business Administration (BA) students majoring in Financial Management (FM), Marketing Management (MM) and Human Resources Development Management (HRDM) attended a seminar with the topic “Millenials: Modern Business Enthusiasts”. The guest speakers of the seminar are Mr. David A. Sagarit who talked about financial literacy, Mr. Rane A. Panaligan who lectured about marketing and networking, and Ms. Regimae L. Bagtas who talked about work diversity. The foundation week was ended with a concert of Itchyworms, an OPM band famous for their hits such as “Beer” and “Akin ka na lang”, at NCBA Fairview Quadrangle. NCBA’s 51st Foundation Week was memorable and colorful like Disney and made it feel magical and like happiest place on Earth.

NCBA Students Perform – Disney Style!

NCBA Students Perform – Disney Style!

By Steven Charles Gagante

On February 13, 2018, energy and colors filled the NCBA Cubao Quadrangle as the Field Demonstration started the NCBA’s 51st Foundation Day. Students from Elementary to College compete for the best performances based on Disney animated movies while parents, teachers and non-performing students watched and cheered the performers.

The program started with a song and ballet performance by selected Grade 11 and 12 students followed by the singing of Philippine national anthem and the NCBA hymn. The program proper started with Grade 9 students’ rendition of Pocahontas, a Disney film about a Native American Princess, her own culture, and her love with a British man. The Grades 5 and 6 students showed their dance performance of Moana, a Disney film based on Polynesian culture and the story involves a daughter of a tribe chief and her adventures in the ocean. The Grades 1 and 2 students perform their rendition of Hercules, a Disney film based on a Greek myth about the God of strength named Hercules. The Grade 7 students performed their street dance inspired by Frozen, a Disney film based on Hans Christian Andersen’s book, The Snow Queen. The story revolves on a queen who has icy powers, her bubbly sister, an iconic snowman named Olaf, and the unconditional love of family and friends. The Grades 1 and 2 students have their version of The Little Mermaid, a Disney film based on another Hans Christian Andersen book of the same title and the story is about a daughter of Triton, the king of the sea, who fell in love with a human prince and became a human with no voice.  Performers danced “Under the Sea” with the costumes of various sea creatures.

The Grade 11 students showcased their performance based on The Beauty and the Beast, a Disney film about a prince who became a beast and a beautiful lady who loves him regardless of his physical appearances. The Grade 12 students showed their rendition of Aladdin, a Disney film about inspired by one of tales in The Arabian Nights about a thief who has in love princess, a genie in a lamp, and a magic carpet. The Grade 10 students performed their colorful and energetic number inspired by DreamWorks’ Trolls, an animated film based on troll dolls and it featured singers Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick as one of the voice actors. The Grade 8 students showcased their rendition of Mulan, a Disney film about a Chinese woman who disguised as a man to replace her father when their empire orders that at least man from every family should participate in the war against the conqueror Shan Yu and his army.  

Last but not the least, The College students performed their rendition of The Lion King, a Disney film about a lion named Simba and his adventures to become the king of the Pride Lands. After all of the performances, the awards were given to the best performers. Third place went to Grade 10 for their performance of DreamWorks’ Trolls while the second place was given to Grade 12 for their rendition of Aladdin. The first placer of the field demonstration is the College Department for their performance of The Lion King. The College Department is also the Champion of 2017 Field Demonstration for their Ati-atihan dance. The 2018 field demonstration of NCBA Cubao showed the magic of talent, teamwork, and happiness to all the performers and spectators and it ends with happy endings just like Disney animated movies.

A Tribute to our Teachers

A Tribute to our Teachers

Yearly, we celebrate Teacher’s day to give and express our highest gratitude to our beloved living heroes, our TEACHERS. By having this celebration, we give honor to our teachers who  selflessly give their  knowledge and power to educate and nurture one’s intellectuality academically and morally. Teachers are important role models of every student and how they influence students are really impressive. They are the prime motivators outside home. They serve as our second parents and they send us to a dimension where teaching and learning is the key to shape our bright future.

Teacher’s day gives our mentors a time to let them feel how they are being loved not just by the students but also the management of the school. It is for this reason that the National College of Business and Arts-Cubao celebrated this special day with a lot of surprises for the professors. The different student-organizations prepared surprise numbers. The Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Linkages, gave an inspirational message together with the Chief Academic Officer and our Executive Dean. Gifts, cash and snacks were also provided by the school. To all our faculty members, “Happy Teachers’ Day”.

by: B.N.M.

Academic Week

Academic Week

Last September 27, 2017, the National College of Business and Arts Cubao branch celebrated their annual Academic week. A 3-day event that holds various activities that each club has prepared. On the 1st day, the Sabayang Pagbigkas was held. The Grade 11 and 12 students performed their own versions of Gerome Nicolas Dela Pena’s, Filipino: Wikang Mapaglaya’t Mapagbago. Every group did an amazing job, but Grade 11 Dollar was astounding, which secured their win. After all performers had gone up the stage, the program was moved from the College Auditorium to the College Audio Visual Room. Sadly, the AVR couldn’t hold 593 students so the quiz bee was divided into 3 sessions; Grades 7 & 8, Grades 9 & 10, and Grades 11 & 12. When the Grades 7 & 8 students were having their quiz bee, the other grade levels went to different rooms that housed various activities. Some of which were the Origami Modular Exhibit by the Math Club, the Family Feud by the A.P club, the Mini bazaar by the ABM Club, and many more. I asked some of the students if they were enjoying the academic week, and they some said that it was the best. As the 1st day of the Academic week ended, all I saw were smiles from the students, and a tiring look on my face.

September 28, 2017 marked the second day of the Academic week. Nothing much happened on this day. The students were allowed to enjoy all activities of every club. Some were getting their nails done, a bunch of students were trying out experiments at the science laboratory, and a lot of students were watching Bonifacio: Ang unang Pangulo, at the College AVR, and some were buying products from the ABM Club’s Mini Bazaar. (The pictures that will be shown below were taken on this day). Again, as the 2nd day of the academic week ended, their smiles and the tiring look on my face was consistent.

September 29, 2017 was the last day of the #AcademicWeek2017, and the Grade 12 Senior High School students arrived early. They were preparing for their dance recital that was held at the college auditorium. At 7:45 the students were starting to go up and the program started at 8:15 in the morning. Before everything else, the Philippine National Anthem was sung by the selected members of the MAPEH Club, and Eira Marie C. Montemayor lead the doxology. After the doxology, the Grade 12 students danced a special number to mark the beginning of the recital. The Grade 12 students performed interpretative dances that featured life lessons we must learn in the near future. After all groups have performed, a selected student played the Carpenters’ big hit “Close to you” on the violin. It was an elegant performance and I couldn’t stop singing along. To end the recital, members of the MAPEH Club, led by the International Dance Sensation, Sean Travis Sarmiento, performed a 10 – 12-minute dance number wherein all girls couldn’t stop screaming whenever Travis busts his dance moves. To formally end the recital, and the Academic week, our beloved Principal Mrs. Veronica F. Caro gave her final remarks. The program ended at 10:30 am, classes resumed at 11:00, and they were dismissed at 1:30 pm.  I must say that this was an enjoyable experience, not only for the HSA but also for all students that took part in this year’s Academic week. As I was writing this, I couldn’t stop shedding a tear for this is my last Academic week in NCBA. Again as the last day of the Academic week ended, the smiles on the students’ faces, was enough to uplift my tired self. God bless NCBA!

COP in Collaboration with Business Administration Department sponsors  Entreptrend

COP in Collaboration with Business Administration Department sponsors Entreptrend

The Community Outreach Program headed by our Community Outreach Coordinator and Business Administration Department  sponsored  a seminar entitled “Negosyo Training  or “Entreptrend” at the National College of Business and Arts, Cubao campus. This  was held last September 14, 2017 at the Tea Room Building. The training was intended for Barangay Escopa III, the adopted barangay of NCBA-Cubao with  thirty (30) attendees.  The seminars tackled were Identifying Business Opportunities , Financing Small Businesses and Registration Processes for Businesses. The participants were given coin banks and certificates.

The speakers, organizers  and the participants from Barangay Escopa 3

The speakers, organizers and the BA students

Academic Week 2017

Academic Week 2017

Academic Week, fun and interactive learning activities were held by the Elementary faculties, Sept 25 – 26, 2017.

The games and mechanics were conceptualized by Mr. Darwin Victor, Academic and Activity Coordinator and Ms. Lea Adriano, and with the assistance of the elementary teachers. The pupils’ intellectual and creative skills were tested in various activities like Spelling Bee, Quiz Bee, Math BINGO, Artwork and Science Laboratory Experiments.

We started the Academic week with the Quiz Bee contest with an opening prayer led by Mrs. Jennifer Ilao the Quiz Master. This was participated in by the pupils from grade 1 – 3 and the pupils from the intermediate level, grade 4 – 6. The participants are the top 5 pupils in each grade level. The questions were composed of the easy, average and difficult with the corresponding weight (1, 3, 5) questions were taken from the subjects: English, Math, Science and Sibika.

The Spelling Be was similar, with three words to be spelled, Levels of difficulty were easy, average, and difficult with a corresponding weight (1, 3, 5).

Creativeness was expressed through manipulative skills by creating a paper mosaic for the primary level under the supervision of Mrs. Mickley Barbero and nature painting for the intermediate level under the supervision of Mrs. Felvie Trasporto.

Different experiments were also performed by the pupils of grades 3 to 6 such as the Bucket Tower Challenge, Paper Airplane Challenge, Paper Column Challenge and Balloon Pocket Challenge with the objectives of different scientific attitudes and learning science, behind each activity. These were supervised by Ms. Lea Adriano and Ms. Jireh Mae Galvez.

Skills in listening and understanding were also shown by storytelling and watching film entitled “The Croods” for the primary level and “Moana” for the intermediate level.

To formally close the celebration of the Academic Week, medals and trophies were awarded to those winners.

The Academic Week was a truly a busy day for the primary and elementary pupils. But it was done successfully!