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NCBA 2023 LET Passers
BS Accountancy (BSA) and BS Management Accounting (BSMA)

Our curriculum is designed to provide students with the technical accounting knowledge and skills, and with the integration of professional values and work ethics that are essential to meet the rapidly changing demands and challenges of the accounting profession.

Accounting continues to be a field with one of the highest demands for graduates. To meet this demand, the program has the following objectives:

  • Provide students with the knowledge and tools needed to obtain meaningful employment and have successful career in the accounting field.
  • Employ critical-thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills to resolve complex business and accounting issues.
  • Provide students the educational requirements of various professional accounting certification examinations.
  • Identify the appropriate managerial and business issues critical in analyzing accounting data and other information used for identifying and assessing opportunities and risks, developing organizational plans, allocating resources, and accomplishing objectives.
  • Apply relevant accounting principles and standards to specific business activities and workplace situations.
  • Employ national, international, and historical perspectives to analyze accounting and business issues.
  • Identify ethical issues associated with accounting and business situations and apply appropriate principles of ethics and civic responsibility.
  • Use analytical and research tools to monitor evolving accounting standards and practices and to maintain professional skills in a changing business environment.
  • Apply the interpersonal and leadership skills expected of today’s accounting professional.
BS Business Administration (BSBA)

PACUCOA Level II Reaccredited (NCBA-Cubao)

Thrust : Business Development with Global Perspective

This program of study is an integration of the basic business, core business and professional courses that are geared towards developing our students to become effective business leaders in the future. The program’s thrust is to focus their study in one of the four areas, namely: Human Resource Development Management, Financial Management, Marketing Management and Operations Management.

Upon completion of the program, our students can successfully pursue careers in the public and private sectors. This degree program is also designed to complement the graduate business programs such as, Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A.)

BS Information System (BSIS) and BS Computer Science (BSCS)

Thrust: Expertise in Information Network

The BSIS/BSCS degree programs aim to produce Information Technology (IT) professionals with specialized skills catering to the needs of the I.T. industry. These programs primarily cover a wide range of learning that includes Computer Programming using different kinds of computer programming languages from 2nd Generation to 3rd Generation’s Object Oriented Programming; Systems Analysis and Design, Object Oriented Analysis tool for the improvement of business Information System; Sofware Engineering and systems integration into a multi-platform environment.

The program aims to develop its students with the appropriate industry standards closed and open source systems and enough skills in application-oriented environment, Integrated Development Environment Web Application programming with integration of Content Management Systems(CMS) via open source implementation, large scale database development, networking application and administration in a multi and crossed platform environment, and network planning and managements.

While the course of practice is done independently, there are numerous opportunities to develop teamwork skills with group based projects throughtout the course. The students will apply their knowledge in academic theory and system development by completing an industry-based project in order to expose and train them to work in a professional environment.

BS in Hospitality Management (BSHM)

Thrust : Catering to Global Demands and Standards

The BSHM program offers competitive and industry-based curriculum that provides the students with the required competencies and positive work values needed to meet the demands of the changing industry and global environment. The program also provides the students with practical alternative learning through various skills development activities, seminars and educational tours. Likewise, the program aims to provide the Hotel and Restaurant industry with graduates who possess the requisite knowledge, skills and values to become successful entrepreneurs.

• To provide students with a strong management and service orientation, as well as global perspective of the hotel and restaurant operations.
• Provide students the necessary knowledge and skills needed to develop the competencies required in order to prepare them for gainful employment within the service industry both locally and abroad.

Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd) and Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd)

Thrust : Teachers as Models of Social Responsiveness

The Education curriculum aims to equip future teachers with a wide range of theoretical and methodological skills that are important for a more innovative approach to teaching in order to maximize student learning.

Bachelor of Arts in English Language (AB)

Our program focuses on basic skills development for effective communication as well as developing a deeper appreciation for various literary works.

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