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NCBA Library


Each campus maintains a Main Library containing well-selected books of latest editions and subscriptions of foreign and local periodicals to meet the varying needs of faculty members and students. Various special collections are also organized by the library to serve the research needs of the students. These includes Filipinana collection, theses, and information file materials. The Library is divided into three different sections, namely: Reserve, Circulation, and Periodical and Reference. For detailed information on the function of these sections students may consult the Library Bulletin Board.

NCBA Audio Visual Room


The College maintains in all branches a fully air-conditioned audio-visual room equipped with the latest audio-visual devices for film showing, group seminars, club meetings and the like.

NCBA Gymnasium


Athletic facilities available to students are ideally situated inside each of the three campuses. The College conducts a program of recreation and sports provided with appropriate facilities and equipment. Intramurals and Inter - school sports activities supplement health & physcial education courses. Students are highly encouraged to participate in as many of these sports activities.



With the growing demand for highly-skilled individuals in the service industry, it has become necessary to provide our students with hands-on-training and maximum exposure to both actual and simulated work environment in order to better prepare them for both local and international job markets. For this purpose, the College boasts of its newly-built kitchen laboratories and mock hotels in each campus. All laboratory facilities and mock hotels are fully-equipped and fully-furnished respectively. The mock hotel includes a room reservation division, mini-bar, banquet area, bedroom suite and storage area.

NCBA Computer Laboratory


Each campus has fully air-conditioned computer laboratories that are spaciously designed to accommodate a small class size allowing a one-to-one student/computer unit ratio for their hands-on training. Each laboratory is equipped with hardware units using top of the line processors and installed with updated and licensed Microsoft Windows operating systems and application softwares. All laboratories are maintained by well-trained technicians.